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Max Heet

NAME: Max Heet

D.O.B: N/A

Hometown: London UK

Signed to: Dice Recordings

Genres: Afro music, RnB

Occupation: Rapper, singer, Spanish

Brands : N/A

Associated Act:




Year Active: 20017-Present


Max Heet - The Spanish/English rapper ready to corner the market in style!  

Max Heet is a 25-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter born in Perth, Scotland but hailing from Alicante on the Spanish Costa Blanca. Having spent the last 13 years of his life growing up in Spain it's only right that he is bi-lingual and displays this in his music defining his style as 'Spanglish Trap'. Rapping in both English and Spanish blended together almost seamlessly it keeps the listeners full attention and awe for the duration of his songs.  

In his first official release 'Dios Mio' (Oh My God) the simplistic and catchy chorus has the listener bouncing and singing along while perfectly complementing the fiery, angry and fast paced verse. In this you can hear some of his Grime influences with the quick flows and punchy lyrics. Produced by the very talented German producer Deyjan Beats it gives the song a somewhat European and defining unique sound.

In this, the first release from the forthcoming EP 'El Capitán' Max Heet is showing why he should be the first emcee of his kind to really blow up with something different and be the reason you start learning Spanish.

Having released 3 mixtapes in the last few years experimenting with an array of sounds, styles, genres, concepts and producers Max has finally found his niche and sound with his Spanglish Trap movement. This can be heard in his remix of Drakes 2017 hit 'Free Smoke' where Max resurfaced and almost effortlessly flows between Spanish, English, rapping and singing.  

As well as being well known locally for his energetic and exciting performances at Drum n Bass raves and urban clubs across the Costa Blanca region Max recently took the stage alongside UK Grime heavyweights such as Big Narstie, Dullah Beatz, Spliffy Ranger and more at the Spanish leg of the BDL tour where he captivated the audience with his unique style and sound in turn catching the eye of London based Dice Recordings Music.

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